Tips for searching music and mp3's online

| Friday, June 26, 2009

Its just been less than a week since I found and I am amazed how simple it is to search for music and mp3's using it.

To search for streaming music click on the Music tab on fefoo. Enter the name of the artist or song you want and click the search button.

When you search it loads the results from the music search engine and there is a toolbar on top which you can close if you find the song. If you don't find it on the first site you have a choice of 19 sites which you can search with just a click of a button on the toolbar. You can also open the results from the search engines in separate tabs by middle clicking on the toolbar icons. This makes searching for even the most obscure songs simple.

Using the Music category you will only find sites where you can stream songs. If you want to download the MP3 songs select the MP3 category from the category combo.

When you load fefoo for the first time the MP3 search is not visible. Click on the more.. link in the combo. You will get a list of categories and make sure you select the MP3 category. Now you can search for MP3 files on the MP3 search engines. Once you search for a song you can select the search engines from the fefoo toolbar and refine your search till you find the song.