Firefox awesome bar made even more awesomer with fefoo

| Thursday, July 2, 2009

You can add fefoo to your search bar in Firefox. But if you want to convert your Firefox awesome bar into a command line follow these steps.

Here are some of the things you would be able to do from the awesome bar.

Translate text from any language to english. You don't need to type the complete command. Only the part given in bold is required the rest is optional. Commands begin with a ":" (colon) or ";" (semi-colon).
You can directly translate a complete page from any language to English by adding :tran in front of the url.

To get a complete list of available commands use the :ls command.
This will display all the possible commands you can use. If you don't use a command Google search is performed.

The :fe command takes you to the fefoo homepage and you can use the commands there. Sometimes its easier to navigate for a category or search engines from the homepage.

You can search using any of the 200+ search engines using commands.
:bing fefoo
When you use the : (colon) instead of ; (semi-colon) the toolbar appears on top which makes it really easy to change the search engine or category. You can open results from other search engines by middle clicking on the icons on the toolbar. Some of the more frequently user search engines that I use are :twitter, :flickr, :imdb, :recipe, movies, music, friendfeed.
:twitter fefoo
This will search for "fefoo" on twitter.

You can even post messages to twitter using the command :eztweet.
:eztweet I am tweeting from fefoo

These are just some of the example commands. There are more than 250+ commands that can help you achieve a lot more. You don't have to remember all of them. In most cases you won't use more than 10-15 commands. You can also use all these commands from the search bar by adding fefoo as a search provider. To do that visit and click on the add to firefox button on the top right side of the page. It works like Google search till you don't use commands, in most cases its not that difficult to change over to fefoo as a search provider.

To add fefoo to the awesomebar follow these steps.

1) Type about:config in the your address bar and open the config page. You might get a warning click on "I'll be careful".
2) Filter the results by typing keyword, and double click on the item keyword.URL
3) Change the keyword.URL to
4) That's all you are ready to search. In case you want to remove fefoo just change keyword.URL back to

Since the whole program is made in JavaScript everything happens on the browser. fefoo is as fast as your browser is, its not dependent on the network connection. If you want to know why fefoo is so fast or how it works internally read this post.